July 13, 2024

Egyptian Celebs React Violently When Told They Are On Israeli TV

Obviously the Egyptian comedy show thought this would be a funny sketch idea: invite famous Egyptian TV and movie stars to interviews (in Cairo, Egypt) then have a caller phone in saying things like I love your work but I can’t believe I’m seeing you on an Israeli network… The celebrities say they thought it was a German production, then are told “No, this is for Israeli TV” and EVERY TIME the Egyptian celebrities get very angry.  The one Egyptian actress is not violent but every actor physically assaults the male producer, even the petite female interviewer is beaten until they pull out their Egyptian IDs and convince them they are not on Israeli TV but that it is a prank for a candid camera type show.

What saddens me is the clear cultural acceptance of the idea that if it had really been an Israeli crew for Israeli TV, the appropriate response is to utter obscenities and assault the Israelis with no expectation of legal problems or public backlash.

The first actor’s thoughts on that were “F*** the social media pages!”  Then he sucker punches the male producer, trashes the set, punches the young woman in the face, hits her again, knocking her down,

continuing to curse and knock things over.  When finally made aware of the prank and shown her Egyptian ID, he says “She’s Egyptian?”  Only then is he sorry.  Because to him, that behavior is justified if they were Israeli.

Now if this were just one bad apple, no generalizations could be made.  But the next actress tells the interviewers Israelis are all liars whining about the Holocaust (before the alleged Israeli nature of the show is even revealed.)  The next actor says “I hate the Jews to death” and assaults the producer.

Afterwords the real show host describes their violence towards the perceived Israeli crew as “such patriotism.”

Can you imagine an interview with ANY Hollywood actor in which they start beating the (female) interviewer after finding out the show is for a TV channel in another country, and would consider that appropriate and acceptable?

If these were isolated cases I would not be so concerned with Arab sentiment towards Israel and America but if this is how celebrities who know they are being filmed think it is appropriate to behave towards those they don’t like, imagine what the majority of the population who look up to these TV and movie stars think?  This demonstrates a culture primed for fanatic behavior – from a perspective we might have considered (or hoped to be) moderate and rational.

And just one more example of why we should take authors like Joel Richardson very seriously when they describe why, when the final clash occurs as the Bible depicts in the end times – it will be the religion of Islam that the Antichrist embraces and uses to fight the Jews and Christians.  I believe this conflict will be a global one costing billions of lives within just a few more years.  Please consider reading Richardson’s books like Mideast Beast or Islamic Antichrist or my own Antichrist 2016-2019


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