July 13, 2024

“We’re dying as a system, as a national economy, I think we’re dying as a nation.” – Jim Willie

Watch the full interview here

I know Jim has been predicting doom and gloom for a long time and so far we’re still here and things seem pretty normal.  But  he says the dollar is in the process of being dumped by the rest of the world, that there is no escape from the permanently low interest rates and ongoing secret banking bailout which aren’t stimulating anything anymore – and that silver and gold should rise tremendously as the dollar loses most of its value.

FWIW, the Book of Revelation describes hyperinflation, famine, war, and the sudden fall of Mystery Babylon, which I feel CLEARLY portrays the United States.  I say NY is likely to be destroyed in June 2016, and that’s not the worst of it….

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