December 3, 2023

12 thoughts on “Another French Election

  1. People are apathetic because they are bored with the old story. The writers of the story missed the point that an opponent who never wins is not a credible opponent. Ok, Macron wins, I already know.
    This article is trying to whip people in believing that the 2022 election story is real: apathy of the audience is the biggest problem for the theater. Yet real it is not. Le Pen is put in position of Macron’s contender exactly because she is easiest to beat off. Le Pen is credibly beatable opposition, that’s it. Since they do not change her, it is not easy to create such an ‘opposition’.

    People shouldn’t vote at all. 20-30% turnout would take the democratic legitimation from the winner. The theater would have to be closed.

  2. I don’t remember a time when there was no ‘Le Pen threat’ to be vanquished during elections in France.
    Le Pen threat is as real as her number of members of French parliament: 8 out of 577. Hahaha!
    If you wanted to write about something real, you would write about French parliamentary election ordination (but you never did in all your articles about France), and not about some song of some raper.

      1. It is first past the post in two rounds system, similar to French presidential elections.
        Proportional systems are more open.

  3. Just as the coming 2022 midterm election in the U.S., the President of France will be selected, not elected. The standard way of rigging an election with fake ballots and Dominion voting machines are obsolete now with a virtual quantum shift to mind control of the human race. Once you enter into this domain (Jab) you are no longer the master of your brain…welcome to the Zombie Vote. Anyone that has taken the Jab (Moderna Operating System) will vote for the Beast System that is rapidly expanding. They unknowingly have had their genetic software hacked and will obey the frequency waves delivered and controlled by AI with D-wave Quantum Computer’s. This technology was perfected on animals with huge success and now there are hundreds of millions of humans that are infected with this genetic mind/body control system. It is real and it has come to every town and city worldwide.

  4. Update on the Jab. Everybody blamed Covid 19 on the bat. Reality now is that scientist have proven it came from the King Cobra snake! The rider on the White Horse is delivering synthesized snake venom thru Messenger RNA wrapped in Hydrogel with magnetic nanoparticles to forcibly enter the nucleus of all cells in the human body. Unknown to the victim of the jab is the fact they are now genetically part human and part serpent. Satan is very cunning and the sheep fell for it hook line and sinker.

  5. Is it a coincidence that the Vatican Hall in Rome has the interior structure built with giant stain glass ‘snake eyes’, a cobra hood that covers a large area between the snake eyes and 2 large fangs below the cobra hood, not to mention the walls are meant to look like snake skin. A King wears a crown, so wouldn’t a King Cobra(poisonous) be representative of the rider on the White Horse that wears a crown/corona. The use of Luciferin(Lucifer) in the Jab and the legal patent number WO/2020/060606 for a cryptocurrency system using human body activity data is all part of the Beast System. France may or may not have an election/selection 10 days from now. China is basically admitting that the lockdown of Shanghai is for war against US/Nato. War will shut down all elections in the future especially when things go nuclear.

  6. OffTopic: David, I’ve been pondering the form of geological strata, and am coming round to the conclusion that 99% of each stratum is the layer of crud that is deposited in 20 or so hours by the cataclysm, that thereafter remains undisturbed for 12,000 years. The discontinuity (stratum delimiter) is the 12,000 years of surface stability, i.e. weathering.


        Naturally, different parts of The Earth will receive slightly different amounts of crud each pole flip, and sometimes, due to the axial orientation and direction of flip (as well as altitude – if tectonically elevated in the preceding flip), may miss out for several flips. So, the spacing of the strata won’t be precisely the same, and in some strata it may be highly irregular, if at all visible. But, for some parts of The Earth, the strata will be regular, and extensive – as in the above photo. Moreover, the crud is likely to vary in composition depending upon which part of the land or sea bed it was washed from. Sometimes homogenous, sometimes not.

        Further reading for others: &

        So, for me, this is another clue in favour of a flip each dozen millennia (not a regular asteroid, or micronova, etc.).

    1. Intuitively, it looks wrong, since the remaining 1% of stratum would have to be incredibly strong to uphold the remaining 99%, and as such would have to be somehow special (did we find something so special?)

      I think the craton theory, of shards of crust being continuously recycled in the very long term, is close to truth. In other words, Earth crust is broken pottery, and each pole shift provides us with a new collage of shards.

      However, at least according to Scripture (Apocalypse and Isaiah), this pole shift is to be somehow special: the largest earthquake of all eternity is to be expected, sea is to disappear etc. Actually, it sounds incredibly even for a pole shift.

      1. JtA, 12,000 years of vegetation and/or weathering simply creates a discontinuity. It prevents a fresh layer of crud bonding to the 12,000 year old layer of crud it flows over.

        Incidentally, I will add that I read somewhere that it has already been observed that strata are global, i.e. ages and/or patterns of strata in one place can be observed in strata on another continent.

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