June 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Does Turkey’s Erdogan Want to Revive the Ottoman Empire?

  1. You may have heard about the translatio imperii theory, according to which ‘Rome’ was successively located in Latin Roma, Greek Constantinople, and Russian Moscow. Since the current Rome is in Moscow, Erdogan should attack Moscow.
    By the way, Putin tries to play the role of a Roman emperor well, deploying the same political construct for his power as Roman emperors – namely consecutive terms of a republican office (Roman emperors were consuls). Also, Putin is close to the Russian Orthodox Church now.
    The strength of this theory is that it takes into account that Rome has always been a political empire as well, starting from the Roman Empire. Well, Erdogan could attack Brussel too, if it were not devoid of any faith.
    So the question is what is meant: a political Rome, a religious Rome, or both?

    1. And if you look at the conflicts you listed – Libya, Syria, Armenia, even Cyprus (strong Russian interests there) – it is Turkey clashing with Russia, indeed.

  2. Russia, Turkey, Iran (Persia) and allies will be decimated in the coming Ezekiel War. Israel will be blamed and most hated worldwide for their use of nuclear weapons but the truth is that God will have the attackers nukes returned back to them in mid flight. This war will consolidate the Antichrist Obama’s Reign worldwide. Biden is merely Obama’s puppet and is showing that clearly to the astute mind. Obama is the 8th King and rules behind the curtain just like the ruler in the Wizard of Oz. When he steps out from behind the curtain, that is the moment the Antichrist will be revealed. Obama’s own words in a recent interview said he would like to rule behind the scenes. That makes perfect sense as he won’t have to take the heat for destroying America Babylon.

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