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September 22, 2023

12 thoughts on “Coronahoax Plandemic: The Strategy Behind the Lies

  1. I believe the escape of the bride will occur mid September and so there will be 144 Million people disappear or would their bodies (host bodies) be left behind? With the population already locked down, and controlled would we see the military then used to keep control and allow the narrative to be managed via the deep state. Total black-listing of events in Social media. I don’t believe life would go back to normal, the Covid lie is already being understood by the sleeping public that something is amiss. Where are the incinerators to burn the PPE gear to stop infection spread. Lockdown will be the norm while they start to move through the population and force the vaccination and the chip, removing those who refuse it as enemies of the state.

  2. Covid19 is 100% fabricated psyop.

    The objective of Covid is not to succeed in its apparent mission to get everyone wearing masks 100% of the time, to be vaccinated, and to have proof of vaccination in their right hand – even if success in all these respects seems fairly likely.

    It’s just to communicate Revelation 13:16-17 (& Revelation 7:3).

    It’s the tolling of the penultimate bell.

    WW3 is the final bell.

      1. The Bible is a combination of ‘opiate for the masses’ (parables, etc.), and preservation/dissemination of knowledge concerning the 180° pole flip that happens every 12,000 years, and when and how to organise and prepare for it and how to communicate it (to one or more echelons able to be so informed). Knowledge is usually encoded in various ways, cryptographic, steganographic, etc.

        I am not an expert on the Book of Revelation by any means, but various passages seem to be amenable to interpretation.

        For example, that the book of Revelation goes on about the woman clothed with the Sun (visited by 3 magi) and that we celebrate this every Christ mass as the nativity (virgin/Virgo gives birth, etc.) does seem to indicate that 23/9/2017 is a celestial alignment and that it is notable – as a warning that the fig tree generation is extant.

        Even the name ‘revelation’ ties up with epiphany (12th night after the 24th viz millennium = twice a great year), and apocalypse.

        180° pole-flip is even indicated: Revelation 6:14 (cf Isaiah 24:1 & 34:4) “The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains…”

        Even the mainstream media points at it: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1249246/End-of-the-world-coronavirus-prophecy-book-of-revelation-plague-Bible-COVID19

        However, broadcasting esoteric messages via all manner of channels is only to reach out to the perspicacious – those able to understand that TPTB are sending them a message – from a purely eugenic consideration. Those enthusiastically wearing masks of the beast are unreachable, unsavable.

        The message gets ever more blatant, the first bell was the fall of the twin towers (representing the coming fall of man due to our twin suns), but that was not obvious. Finally, we have everyone wearing masks of the beast (sheep), and Revelation 13:16-17 (& Revelation 7:3) which constitutes a hefty clout with a clue-stick – to those last few perspicacious who’ve not yet smelt the coffee. And this is probably the last chance. WW3 is liable to severely cut communication channels.

  3. I would like bring to attention the fact that EU and multicultural society itself could be read as the construction of the Tower of Babel. UK, by the power of Brexit, tried to cleanse itself of this ‘sin’, at least partly (multiculturalism stays). In essence, Brexit was neither for people nor for economy, but for ‘masters’

    So by promoting those ‘sinful’ concept (Building The Tower of Babel was THE SIN in Bible), the coming death of millions, if not billions, will be justified in the eyes of biblical God. In a way, the sin has been created to justify the punishment.

    Even the coming WW3 will be just a re-enactment of the myth of Atlantis (not sure about WW3 though, there is not enough time for years of warfare, maybe it will be just a week of missiles).

    I would like to notice that it is way too late for ‘reading messages’. Due to widespread cancellation of international travel, it is close to impossible to reach semi-safe destinations (I don’t think ‘safe ones’ really exist, BTW, there are only very unsafe, unsafe, semi-safe ones) on other continents. It does not help much when you still can go from Belgium to France etc. If you live in Russia or USA, you can get to semi-safe localization, but if you live in Hungary, not anymore.
    Well, I have considered a change of location, but was planning for 2023-25. The signs have not contained timing…

  4. Off-topic: At least 11 >5 quakes today (of which 5 are >6).

    If The Earth is in high negative stability then it’ll be a large >8 quake that could act as a camel-back-breaking straw.

  5. Moreover, some European earthquakes portal is removing earthquakes from the map.
    There was one facing Ireland (North Atlantic Ridge) yesterday, and disappeared.
    This is not the first time.

    We have a lot of volcanoes waking up in Europe. I think they should wake up before the event?
    Hungary, the country with the highest number of hot springs in Europe, has closed.

  6. Maybe ZOD is right about covid-19 being the mark of the beast.

    The name of the beast is to be 666, which could be read as 18.
    Then 19 is not 18, but maybe covid-19 is really covid-18. Or we can just subtract 1, getting for a second position (9-1), as suggested by ´- in covid-19.
    Whatever. Without a great difficulty we can read the Name of the Beast into covid-19.
    Anyway the biblical expression ‘wisdom’ suggests necessity of some calculations.

    ‘This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six. ‘ (Revelation 13.18). Haha 18 again !

  7. I’m beginning to suspect there is a eugenic plan afoot.

    Given the mark of the beast is necessary for all trade, etc. this divides people into two groups:
    1) The credulous/gullible and those who cannot be self-sufficient – who need the state to survive.
    2) The perspicacious and/or those not trusting authority who can be self-sufficient (can survive without the MotB).

    The first group willingly accept the MotB. The second group do everything to avoid it.

    The vaccine (certificate of vaccine/ID) probably endows the recipient with infertility and shortened lifespan.

    Therefore, not only do you have to be in the right place at the right time to survive the pole shift, you also have to survive without the state until that time, being self-sufficient.

    It sort of makes sense. If you can’t pass the self-sufficiency test beforehand, you have no chance thereafter.

    Biblically speaking, this is the sorting of the wheat from the chaff.

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