November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Does Coronavirus Justify the Response?

  1. Medicare is giving out thousands for each patient with CV19 in the US, which why the numbers are so high here. John mcafee even mentions it in his feed:
    So it’s no secret whatsoever except to those who don’t want to see.

    And the infamous Deagel report 2025 seems to be underway: population reduction by 80% by 2025. Strange that the Guidestones block that was added then removed read “2014”, and it just so happens 7 billion divided by 80% is 1.4B … and it’s 2020.

    RFID is outdated at this point. Quantum dot technology seems far more likely:

    And those can’t be easily removed.

    It’s going to be an attack on all fronts by any means necessary. And as for us? “Who is like the beast and who can make war/stand against it?”

  2. Forgot to mention: how about those Biblical scorpions of Revelation tormenting people as micro drones with nano needles delivering quantum dots?

    I didn’t mention Bill Gates latest patent either but I linked mcafee who did.

    It’s truly sad to witness what the great deception actually is and how few among the billions are aware of it.

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