October 4, 2023

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus’ New “Best Case” Scenario

  1. 1) Hype a fake virus to panic inducing levels (steadily reclassify flu sufferers as Covid19 sufferers).
    2) China sabotages its own industry to help this psyop along.
    3) Crash the markets a tad – just a tad for now…
    4) Suppress travel, impose border controls, outlaw crowds/protests, etc.
    5) North Korean missiles, and other events raise WW3 likelihood/plausibility.
    6) When precursors begin (Isaiah 24) declare WW3 (to avoid WWZ).

    The only ‘humanity whacking whammy’ is the poleshift. Everything else is smoke and mirrors by those who need to keep humanity (their greatest potential threat) somnolent for as long as possible – in the ultra-long term interests of h sapiens.

    1. David signing up again as I thought you were blocking me, but Probably my Poor Optus service, that is so expensive, Matty Bath!

  2. After reading down to the Lower comment’s on this Page sent, I see this Lower section as more correct, anyways, in Numbers Dead! I still feel this is a grave underestimation though! Matty Bath!

  3. Here’s a video discussing global shenanigans similar to those we’re currently experiencing, which as I’ve oft suggested are to distract the populace (and the bulk of all power structures) from impending doom.
    23:40 is where it gets interesting – in the sense of being corroborative.

      1. Discernment enables one to dispense with: nukes (apart from claimed use), bioweapons, aliens, raised consciousness (and other spiritual nonsense), remote viewing, etc.

        All you’re left with is the mundane ‘geophysical event’ that occurs twice a great year thanks to the barycentric orbit of our ‘twins’ through a magnetic field reversal.

        Quite natural, but not at all pleasant for surface dwellers (even denizens of the sea are going to suffer a fair bit).

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