October 4, 2023

15 thoughts on “Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

  1. Zerohedge website has the most plausible explanation I have seen and it appears to be well documented, but I have no way to judge other than its reasonableness. (Is that a word?)

  2. There is no virus.
    However, this doesn’t prevent actions occurring as if it were real.

    Either it’s a mere peculatory adventure, or it presages a need to enact more severe controls at any time, i.e. either the virus will peter out or it will worsen. It may even die down and then flare up again (‘mutate’).

    Because poleshift’s more significant precursors could happen with little warning these distractions/measures will increase…

    1. I’d already begun to suspect that the fake virus could be used to trigger WW3 (along with the trade war with China), but here is a clue that it is indeed a possible option: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/coronavirus-contains-hiv-insertions-stoking-fears-over-artificially-created-bioweapon

      Remember, there is no virus, just news stories thereof. Just like Ebola, etc. The great thing about China is that there’s very little means for western plebs to corroborate anything.

      There will be no WW3, but it may be useful to persuade the plebs that there is one – or that aliens have landed, etc.

  3. Given that the American media is against China and wanting a change of Regime to a leader that is NWO friendly, it makes sense that the American agencies have targeted Wuhan as the ideal place to release the virus, having a research facility there is perfect implying that it ‘escaped’ or was released by the Chinese Government. To get this virus going they really need it to become an airborne plague, to then drive the populations to take the ‘vaccine’. Regardless of how it goes look up for our redeemer is close.

  4. I have been taking care of patients with coronavirus for 4 years, it is a common cold LOL! do not believe the media

    1. I’m no expert, but there are some reasons to consider a few of the conspiracy angles. Consideration, and time, may lead to the conclusion that it’s a big nothingburger – I hope.

      1. I agree, there are some serious conspiracy theories that need to be carefully looked at. I cannot speak for China, or any other country, but I can speak for St. Louis, Missouri and say that it is just another virus. Also, I forgot I already commented on this so just ignore my other comment I just posted lol.

  5. I am particularly interested in what is happening with 2019-nCoV (has anyone watched the film “Contagion” which was released years ago, staring Matt Damon? There are some striking resemblances to what is going on at the moment and the ability/likelihood of things being misrepresented). A Fox news report literally just came out mentioning concerns that China is downplaying the scale of the outbreak. For people interested in prophetic developments, I’d recommend watching the following video that brings a different and interesting angle to the story. It will be interesting to see where this leads and how it is used to bring about the NWO.


  6. I have been taking care of patients with coronavirus since 2016….this is just a publicity stunt. It is absurd and ridiculous. People die from influenza every single year. Take care of yourself, drink water, take vitamins, eat healthy and exercise. And wash your hands and don’t be gross. Simple as that. At the hospital me and the girls would laugh everytime we saw coronavirus because it made us want a beer..seriously people need to chill out. A virus is not something that can be treated easily. Antibiotics are for bacteria. There are antivirals, but the antiviral for influenza only works within 24 hours of getting the flu. There are antivirals for HIV, however, they have horrific side effects. I did a huge study on HIV. People just need to educate themselves.

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