June 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “Warm at the North Pole, Extended Winter Farther South – What Does it Mean?

    1. The NOAA is just acknowledging in mellow non-alarming language that the Earth’s magnetic field has experienced accelerated and unexpected change that made their old magnetic maps for GPS so inaccurate that they need to update it earlier than originally scheduled.

      1. Yes, but did they actually publish a new data point of magnetic north? One that we can mark as a solid dot on the track, instead of a hollow dot representing a modelled estimate.

        1. I think they said they will soon, but didn’t yet. With a 5 minute search I haven’t found an updated position. But I can’t take their data seriously anymore, they downplay the movement consistently.

      2. Good point. If they don’t want to continue publishing the data, they’ll elide the fact that they’re still not doing so, whilst beguiling folk into believing they are.

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