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September 22, 2023

5 thoughts on “Fires Burned The World 12,800 Years Ago

  1. Hmm. What would be tell-tale signs of an incoming superwave from the galactic centre umpteen thousand light years away?
    1) Increased seimic and volcanic activity – in anticipation of the arrival.
    2) Reduction in Earth’s magnetic field, and wandering magnetic North – in anticipation of the arrival.
    3) Coincidence with the Earth’s precessionary cycle – which must therefore be caused by resonance with the superwave.

    Perhaps the volcanic activity increases to such an extent, given the crustal turmoil due to poleshift, that as a consequence of myriad volcanic eruptions, widespread firestorms are created in many places?

    Anyway, that Earth appears to be anticipating the superwave can only mean that Earth has some kind of Gaian intelligence.

    Unless, of course, LaViolette’s superwave theory is flawed…

    1. Zod: While the galactic superwave theory could be flawed, (and I did read the arguments at your other comment’s link suggesting LaViolette’s evidence is weak) various supernova based on their location, explosion date, and asymmetry – seem to validate the idea that the same energy wave emanating from the galactic center caused them.

      Another explanation with a similar time frame, such as a binary companion to the sun, could explain the earthly components of supporting evidence – but not the distant interstellar ones. What if both are factors? What if it is not just Earth’s precession in resonance with the superwave cycle – what if the duration of the binary orbit cycle is also in resonance with it?

      But now I am speculating above my pay grade and beyond the evidence I know of, beyond even the theories I know of, to explain why Earth itself might experience certain changes in activity BEFORE the arrival of a galactic superwave. So I must also consider the possibility, however unlikely it may seem, that we are NOT experiencing any pre-shift activity, and are mistakenly assuming we are.

      Pre-shift activity prior to a cosmic trigger would seem to require the earlier arrival of forces beyond what we observe or expect in normal space-time. Despite my belief in the existence of “ESP” and the ability of consciousness to sometimes perceive beyond those very same boundaries of normal space-time (since I know some people, however rare it may be, can “see” the future) I despise relying on the unknown or supernatural for an explanation. I am, unfortunately, at a loss for a better one.

      1. Apparently, stars form due to an outburst of stellar ejecta from some kind of spiral explosion, and this lozenge of ejecta, still possessing some angular momentum, gradually accretes and coalesces into 1 or more stars. It appears that 2 stars is the most stable/common configuration – into a barycentric orbit. However, there’s a wide range of masses and orbital distances/periods. For two stars around 2,000AU (perihelion) to 6,000AU (aphelion) apart, the orbital period is over 20,000 years. Thus, if the Zodiac is 24,000 years long (or >25,000 if you crudely extrapolate current angular velocity), that indicates our barycentric situation.

        Cruttenden demonstrates that the only explanation for the precession of the equinoxes is that the Sun has a binary partner – and he knows which it is, but it has been hidden.

        The apparent cyclical wobble of the Earth (at the same rate as that of the precession of the equinoxes) is then obviously due to the motion of the solar system about a binary companion.

        Bear in mind that just as the Apollo astronauts were all top level masons, so were all the royal astronomers in the early 19th century. ESP is bunk, but contriving the laity to remain heliocentrists is easily accomplished.

        So the great year is entirely due to simple astrophysics. There is no need for it to be helped along by some external energy pulse that occurs at a resonant frequency, nor is it at all likely that something at the centre of the galaxy coincidentally happens to have a resonant frequency with our barycentric orbit (billions of binaries out there will have different barycentric orbits).

        And yes, an energy wave is highly unlikely to be of some hyperdimensional form that the affected stellar objects throughout the galaxy appear to anticipate its arrival.

        The magnetic, seismic, volcanic, and climatic changes (from subtle to not so subtle and now classified) Earth is currently experiencing, indicate a gradual change, just as if The Earth(solar system) was slowly crossing something, undergoing a transition, e.g. moving from a magnetic field of one polarity to the opposite. Don’t forget, ‘Nibiru’ means ‘crossing’.

        When you look into the origins of Sitchin’s thesis you find he was encouraged/funded by the Freemasons. The more distractions there are, the harder the hidden truth is to find, and the less credible it is if you do. If you ask me, LaViolette is just another Sitchin: someone encouraged to create a distracting story about the cause of the ‘glaciation’ cycle.

        I also suggest that the entire motive for promoting the idea of anthropogenic climate change (a few decades ago) is precisely because it was known beforehand that we would soon notice the cosmogenic climate change that we enjoy twice a great year, but the former will keep the masses placated whereas the latter would have the opposite effect.

        Everything is being managed.

  2. Incidentally, here’s a link to a critique of LaViolette’s superwave theory: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=424260

    It is resonant with Sitchen’s theory.

    I’ll add that it is possible that if any cosmogenic incursions occur (dust, radiation, plasma, etc.), these could be due to disruption of Earth’s magnetic field, which could be a consequence of Earth passing between differently polarised magnetic fields throughout a 24,000 year barycentric orbit (of The Sun about its binary) – and performing a pole flip each 12,000 years.

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