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September 21, 2023

8 thoughts on “Decoding the Georgia Guidestones

  1. Bob Dylan said “and the times they are a changin’

    The Who said in with the new boss same as the old boss

    Ministry sang about the New World Order

    As the spade was Trumped and now its Donald’s turn to shuffle and deal

    As it was not that long ago Ronald said “mr president tear down this wall”

    Now today Donald said “im building a wall cause that’s what is what i do

    Then i heard as the eagles sing ” welcome to the hotel california where you can check in anytime you like , but you can never leave

  2. The Novus Ordo Seclorum is dated for 2033,which is also the Great Jubilee Year, and the START OF THE NEXT GREAT PRECESSIONAL YEAR( Anno Magnus)… Present numbers are: March 22=7 and 1980=9, with in between 8 languages as number 8.Therefore,7,8 and 9…A biblical holidays,twice in the bible.. .Also encoded in Lower Manhattan former Seven buildings of the WTC, and 911 attacks,plus rebuilt complex to 1WTC+3WTC+4WTC+7WTC as 15…Demolished Twin Towers+WTC7=15, as in Teotihuacan’s Way of Dead is 15 pyramids in all with 3 main pyramids having 15 steps, tied to the 9 pyramids of Giza+6 stepped YoSeR/ DJoSeR pyramid=15… 8+4 languages gives the Judgement number of 84…And 8×4=32, the year of 2032, when the current Great Precessional year ends! A dates on the 1$ bill, the US great seal,US flag, US Skyscrapers calendar,and 911 oficial database….

  3. These Guidestones ” decyphered”? By whom? David Montaigne? That fool missed the date for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033, the END OF THE GREAT YEAR= Anno Magnus, which is also the Great Jubilee Year from Christ,the Son and Sun being ” cricified” in the Dragon Milky Way,in AD33,in the age of 33,what knows rach 33rd degree freemason,standing for the year of 2033,as encoded on the 1$ bill,the US great seal,US flag,US Skyscrapers calendar and 911 oficial Database: 11 x tines the year of 2033( 5,793A.M.) Montaigne,get it right! 2033,not 2019!!!
    Guidestones opened on 3.22. 1980…322=7, the start of new Great Year, and 1980=9, the end of the Great Year! 322 is masonic important number for Vernal Equinox.Some lodges start woth Solstice sunrise,some with Vernal equinox…7 and 9 is in the CUBICAL ” SISTINE? SIXTEENTH CHAPEL OF VAT/ TAV -i- CAN( Vatican= Man& Serpent), astronomically aligned with astronomical measures and astronomical start and end time of the Great Year…
    Numbers 7,8 and 9 are tied to Orion+ Galactic double centre( Womb)+ Swan constellation, as Life+ Death+ Rebirth/ Resurrection to anew cycle of life on Earth! Numbers twice in the bible as holidays,plus in € urocurrency, Pound and Dollar,with numerous other money around the world. Plus ” sacred wells” and ” councils of 7,8 or 9 gods”, and so on!
    There is 8 languages+4 antic ones, as NUMBER 84= Judgement number ; and 8×4= 32, the year when our current Great Year/ Anno Magnus ENDS!!!
    The same numbers were used in the Seven buildings of WTC, and in 911 attacks, p,us post 911 rebuilding plan! 911 was committed for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033!
    So is this Georgia Guide Stone freemasonic monument to forthcoming Apocalypse by fire and global earthquakes in a sudden Pole Shift! But before that,the satanic freemasons plan to unleash WW3= Armagedon in 2025 with 7 billion dead on our planet!
    Their 4 horses of apocalypse: 911 terrorist deadly attacks where we lost a lot of rights and freedoms. Second deadly terrorist wave was Covid-19,more rights and freedoms gone with many dead on global scale..Their 2012= ZION Olympics of London( money laundering place) had Opening ceremony with HOSPITAL NURSES AND CORONAVIRUS,BoJo carried with C-19 to hospital! ( Now he falsely claimed to have Covid-19)…Wu-Chan means forthcoming of the Serpent= Milky Way cycle and repolarisation of the Sun,with our Pole Shift!
    And the Sochi 2014 Opening ceremony was APOCALYPTIC!!!
    Third,deadly masonic,terrorist wave shall occur between 2022-23 with ma y dead and our rights and freedoms in shackles of the satanic freemasonry!
    And the most deadliest, 4th horse of apocalypse arrive in 2025 WW3…Russia is designed as ST.GEORGE-THE DRAGON SLAYER( spearing= slaying the ” great USAtan”, see their Two Headed Eagle at the center! Both,the Blue( zionist) Lodge of the West,and the Red Lodge of the East, collaborate on WW3/ Armageddon! So do the Red Republicans or Blue Demon-rats! Plus Red Labour Party and Blue Torries!

    Visit: The Real Mayan Prophecies Investigated-Tortuguero Monument ( Watchers)- scroll down to the COMMENTS, under my name with dozens of ANCIENT ASTRONOMIES = DETAILS!

  4. could sombody help me please find the guys name from the 1st video who was said to have passion of birth controll. Control in depopulation.

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