December 3, 2023

84 thoughts on “Donald Trump in Prophecy? “The Last Trump”

  1. I believe very strongly that God is going to use Donald Trump to warn America to wake up, I thought to myself, Is Donald Trump in Prophecy. Is he connected to the last trumpet sound mentioned in Revelations? That’s why I looked it up to see what other Pastors thought of this mystery. Well I guess I’m not the only one that feels this way. We are all on the same wave length. God is always giving us clues and golden nuggets, to let us know it’s from him. We need to be praying for Donald Trump ,during this next coming election in November.

    1. Yes, we need to be in prayer for Donald Trump. Clinton, Stein have gone back on their word and won’t be satisfied until there is a recount of ballots. Given the dirty tricks the Clinton people have pulled, I feel certain they will overthrow the election, Clinton will be installed, as she planned. Riots will break out, martial law will be declared, Obama will take over and the dictator will rise. I have felt this since 2012 and I am frightened for this country and for the multitude who are not saved. I fear for those in debt, poor health, suffering in various ways. We pray, but it seems we do little to speak out openly against the forces of darkness that are overtaking the world. It had to come. I’ve been looking for this time since I was a little girl in 1950s. Now that it is here, I am fearful. It is wrong, but I cannot shake this feeling of dread. Pray for Mr. Trump that he be allowed to take office, that he be allowed to bring our country back, that God will stay his hand and the judgments that are ready to fall on the world. Pray, pray, pray that the LORD will protect us, his children, and keep us from harm. Please, do this in the name of Jesus, our LORD.

        1. Since I know for a fact that Trump won by a much wider margin than reported, as I have spoken personally to election officials who witnessed voter fraud in the Democrat’s favor (I detailed this in an earlier post in November) I’m not concerned with Trump’s handling of recounts. I think in a fair election, he won the popular vote, probably by several million.

      1. I agree god bless trump and yes the power of prayer is awesome pray for America that we can get back to putting GOD first in everything

        1. The people desperately clinging to the ridiculous belief that the long gone and long out of power Obama and Hillary are the Antichrist (when the Antichrist has ALWAYS been MALE) are pathetic.

          The Antichrist is in the White House. Installed by the First Beast Pütin.

          1. My interpretation wasn’t spot on, maybe the Persian prophecy that seems to describe Obama – but as a precursor to an antichrist figure – will be more accurate. Time will tell soon enough if my 2016-2019 timeline had any meaning or if it ends with a whimper and 2020 starts uneventfully.

          2. 1. Obama is completely out of power, forever. Never coming back.

            2. He SANG “AMAZING GRACE” in CHURCH during a funeral service for the victims of a white supremacist domestic terrorist. More of a Christian than most people here.

            3. If he had EVER been a Muslim or even RAISED as a Muslim, doing #2 would have put an immediate FATWAH with death penalty on his head, especially as President of “The Great Satan”, the USA. NO such FATWAH was EVER issued.

            Let’s try not to be silly here anymore. This subject is very serious. THE Man of Lawlessness, THE Antichrist is in the White House now. Let me show you a mystery…. the number of his Son-in-Law’s name is the Kushner building on 666 5th Avenue. WHAT are the chances of that? WHAT are the chances that the man who OWNS that building has been delegated and is in charge of MIDEAST peace? Rebuilding the Temple?

            DO not even try to stand at the Throne and tell God you had NO idea. And don’t get me started on the families of pre-teen girls and BOYS who he paid off during the 90’s resulting in his bankruptcies when accused of pedophilic rape. Even the “fake news” won’t touch that. Yet.

            Chosen of “God”? If your god/christ is Satan masquerading in His robes, probably.

          3. There are some very noteworthy signs that draw attention to Trump. But the Persian prophecy I discuss in my Antichrist book describes a tall black man leading the greatest army in the West, one that has a sign of Islam in his name (Hussein) and whom Shiites should know – “He is with us.” The phrase, “he is with us in Iran’s language – Farsi – is “o-ba-ma.” But the same prophecy says he is a precursor. As for Obama being a Christian – come on. His own America-hating Pastor Wright didn’t assume that. And in Islam: “Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences” or “gain the upper-hand over an enemy.” There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (the Shia name). These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.” Obama claiming to be Christian, or pro-American, would in my opinion be an example of taqiyya.

    2. The other day during President Trump’s Christmas speech, I heard him refer to Jesus as OUR Lord and Savior. If Trump wasn’t saved, why would he claim the Lord as his Savior? I don’t believe he would. I think he would have said “the Lord and Savior”, not OUR Lord and Savior.
      In any case, I agree with you. God is using Pres. Trump as a wake up call, not just to Americans, but people around the world.
      Also, this writer has the wrong take on the 2016 election, IMO. He said, ” many voters see the election as a battle not between left and right but between good and evil. Yet roughly half the population sees their candidate as good and the other as so evil that they wonder how anyone could have voted that way – they think it should have been a landslide for their own choice.” I think this is wrong because it is ONLY the Christian right who saw it as a battle between good and evil. The Left typically doesn’t care about evil. They care about power, money and control. That’s why they wanted her. Leftists are control freaks. They want ultimate control over everyone’s lives especially people of faith. They want us to serve the government, not our Lord.
      Plus as an aside, from how I read the scripture, in the last days the deception will be so extreme that IF POSSIBLE even the elect could be deceived. I do not believe the elect (saints) could be deceived into accepting the anti-Christ. They could get close, but I believe the Holy Spirit will pull them back before it gets to that extent.
      Finally, after 3 years in office, I am seeing the veil of deception fall off the eyes of many people who were seemingly under the spell of the last administration. People are waking up. They are beginning to see things as they are as more and more Leftist agendas and corruption is exposed. It really looks like there’s a separation of wheat and tares going on here.

      1. What you good people are not getting is when Trümp refers to “our Lord and Savior”, he’s referring directly to Satan. Satan has been the christ of the right for decades now, and is the false Christ of the deceived elect and he and his supporters. 100%.

        Trümp has also said “I’m the chosen One” and told the Israelies recently he’s the “Second Coming”.

        But go ahead, be the deceived elect. Your deception is no longer on MY head, it’s on yours.

          1. That is true, but now none who read this can claim they weren’t told the truth, either. So when you’re at the Throne and asked about, not just bearing false witness against Obama who has NO power left whatsoever and who will never hold any power ever again, but also profiting off false witness via publishing, be prepared and you WILL remember what I told you. You know what the Bible says about false teachers who lead the flock astray. Fetus worship is THE Great Deception that led the entire right RIGHT into the arms of Satan in Christ’s robes and Antichrist Trümp, installed by First Beast Pütin is merely the culmination, Satan’s Final Solution. And now you claim the single worst criminal in the history of human politics who already has innocent REAL babies’ blood on his hands at the border and elsewhere is your chosen one? Indeed he is, and lotsa luck to you all when he and his master (for now) Pütin start nuclear world war III with China via NK to keep his enormous rear end out of prison for the rest of his life. Hal Lindsey 101.

            Watch and be ready. And try watching real news for a change, THEY have to vet their sources. Unlike Neo-Soviet propaganda outlets like Fox Lies and Limbaugh white supremacist hate radio and evangelical money-grubbing nonsense media full of the damned for fleecing the flock.

          2. Wow. I know it is easy to be deceived – and that we all are to one degree or another – but it amazes me that you and I live on the same planet, and have access to the same information, yet have such vastly different views on what it right and wrong in the world.

  2. Well said, I have been doing the same. I believe that the Lord has been in plain sight w/Donald Trump. Trump can be a trade name? Trumpeteter, Trumpeor , lol the blow horn. Not making fun, however the Lord works in mysterious ways. Pray pray pray. God Bless

  3. Donald Trump was just officially anointed on national T.V. by Dr. Wayne T. Jackson, an African American Reverend in Detroit, Michigan. God is so good. If this is God’s will, even God’s enemies will be compelled to do His will. (Only stating a truth and am not suggesting Dr Jackson is God’s enemy/on the contrary, I believe he is a godly man).The word of God is full of amazing revelations that are still a mystery to us. Keep studying And praying.

  4. Day One of Trump’s campaign, he said that he was a guy that used the ‘evil’ system in place in Wall Street and Washington, and basically, he said he had a ‘revelation’ as to how bad the system is, long term, for the USA, and that is why he decided to run for office. (is this thing on – Trump had a revelation! – inspired by God).

    A part of the big picture here is as simple as this: We sent the industry, the work, to Asia, and now we go to Asia and beg for money. Well, since when does God allow us to sit around and try to decide if we are man or woman while other people work? Do you think the Chinese want to, or should, work for us, make our stuff, while we sit around and talk about feelings or otherwise entertain ourselves? Get back to work, America. That is PART of what God is telling us.

  5. Ever take a look at a map of ‘the Middle-East’ compared to ‘Europe’. Europe has water and lush vegetation. The Middle-East is mostly a desert. Which place do you want to live? Since the last Ice Age, the Middle-East has become more and more desert – it had the water and vegetation during the Ice Age. So one bunch of people moved to Europe, and the others stayed behind in the desert. Well, in the beginning, the desert was still where advanced and wealthy civilizations were, so it was the better place then, and Europe was cold and damp and a tough place to live. Now, however, the Middle-East is a nsasty, tough place to live, and Europe is the better place.

    About 2,000 years ago, the Middle-Easterners began to look at Europe as the more desired palce to live, and started invading it, however, by that time, Europeans had developed, increased in numbers and learned how to make weapons, so, the Middle-Easterners were beaten back. As time went on, the (brown) people continued to invade Europe, trying to take it, but Europeans grew stronger and stronger and were able to beat the invaders back to the Middle-East. The Moors, the Turks, the Mongols, all tried repeatedly to take Europe, but they all got beaten back sooner or later.

    Today, the population of the Middle-East has exploded by 5x since 1960, enabled by oil money, they were able to import water and food, however, they would still prefer to live in the lands where the water and vegetation exist, which is Europe and America, rather than those nasty deserts. So, they are coming, immigrants, and will be docile at first, but they are growing more in numbers and being more and more confrontational, and will continue to grow until they believe they are able to confront us – and take our lands, our water, and our women.

    Prophesy or not, this is happening. What do you plan to do about it?

  6. Or Trump is the Anti-Christ and his first miracle was winning the Primary, his second winning the election, third was the stock market going up, instead of crashing. Let’s say, he deceived the “Christians” by promising the end to abortions, gay marriage and lots of money, if they will vote for him. Let’s say that is another prophecy fulfilled as the Bible predicted those “Christians” would turn their backs on what Jesus taught and represented by His sacrifice. to vote for the son of lawlessness, much like Satan did to Christ on the Mountain, where He tempted Christ with riches and powers, if He bowed down to worship him. Jesus rebuked him. Let’s say that is how God separates the sheep ( those that don’t follow Satan) and the goats (those that follow Trump). Or let’s say that those virgins with the full jars of oil did not vote for Trump and the ones with half full jars are left behind, by the Bridegroom Christ, when He returns to rapture his bride, the church, who didn’t sale out to the anti-Christ. Let’s say I’m right, then two things should happen. Trump will be shot and recover. This will make everyone more open and sympathetic to him and he will woo and make lots of money and fool the rest of the world into supporting him for 3 1/2 years, until his re-election, then as predicted in the Bible God will release His wrath upon this earth for turning their backs on His creation the earth and the sacrifice of His only Son. Remember, that as Trump places trackers into Hispanic and Muslims that we all will eventually be required to wear this personal identification chip, just as the Bible foretold!

    1. I don’t think Trump will prove to be the Antichrist, but he seems to be coming to power at approximately the right time.
      More important – whenever these prophetic events play out, and whoever the antichrist is – do not lose faith and submit!

    2. Trump was set in place to FULFILL PROPHECY. The Lord sets up kings and takes them down. Whatever Trump does will be in God’s permissive and active will in order to further prophetic events along. I don’t believe Trump is the actual Antichrist, the son of perdition, the final world ruler of the tribulation period. He is another building block employed in the unfolding of prophecy leading up to the revealing of the man of sin. It’s all about fulfillment of prophecy; the Scriptures are heavily prophetic from Genesis to Revelation. Unless you understand that prophecy must be fulfilled, you will understand nothing.

    3. I agree with you Pat. Well, except for the “shot” part. Not sure that’s a physical “wound”, but certainly a political one, as we are currently experiencing. Oh, and by the way – did you know that the final Republican primary was 6/6/2016?

  7. If anyone reads this post, can you tell me if there is there a way to start a website where Christians can go, just to post and share prayer for America, for the President-elect, for our saved sisters and brothers and for those in trouble, those not yet saved? How could that be set up? Or, does such a website exist? And is it advertised for all to see? It is evident that Christianity and the Church is in its final days here on earth. We must stand, humbly, shoulder to shoulder, with faithful resolve for the Lord is watching.

    1. There are many Christian web sites, do a little searching online and you will find them. I won’t name any I’ve found though, because so many seem divisive and argumentative. I hope you find one that is peaceful, spiritual, and well-meaning.

  8. The United States of America has racked up a deficit of US$ 20 trillion counting. This will with Trump spending will ratchet up to US$ 25 trillion by January 2019. Gerald Celente an authority on trends has forecast that US will experience hyperinflation, food riots and the selling of the dollar will exacerbate and lead to 90% depreciation of the US dollar. I had previously informed that there are three bull markets in equities from 2003 to 2008 which lead to the subprime crisis in 2008. Similarly the price of commodities will go up and Gold will rise 3-4 times from the present level of US$ 1600 in 2019. The US will have a collapse similar to the USSR collapse in 1990 that was followed by a 12 Year bear market from 1992 to 2003. Similarly there is a 12 Year bear market from 2019 to 2031.
    This collapse is unavoidable and Mr. Trump should put a freeze on US borrowing.The Us cannot pay the interest cost on it’s borrowing. The bibilical crash will cause the US per capita income to fall to US$ 6,000 in 2019 to 2031 from US$ 60,000 in 2016. More people in the US will become paupers. Faith in God has been mentioned in the Bible as essential for the man to be saved.

    1. As a generalization, I agree economic collapse is likely, but you have very specific details in your post… to predict a bear market until 2031 – well it seems unlikely that financial trends now could clearly indicate anything so far ahead.

  9. “And when the money failed in Egypt….” Genesis 47:15. Egypt symbolizes the World. The salvation process is encoded in Genesis 49, which Jacob tells his 12 sons what will befall them in the last days (end of days), an internal salvation process that will prepare us mentally and emotionally for what is coming.

  10. Is this a serious analysis?

    The Bible was not written in English. The only language that the name “Trump” corresponds to the word “trump” in the Bible is modern English.

    It would hold no significance for earlier versions of the English language and therefore would not appear in English Bibles as “trump.”

    What about the hundreds of other languages where Trump’s last name has no Biblical significance because the word “trump” does not appear in their Bibles?

    That would be the case for the majority of Christians down through the ages.

    1. DJR: So you would translate the name but not the Bible verse? Or the verse but not the name? Yeah, I guess no word in an English Bible would count for anything if you did that. The word “God” in English means nothing useful in Hebrew or Greek either, unless you translate it. So yes, I seriously think that considering the meaning of a name that is a word could be significant, especially in regard to prophetic signs.

  11. “Next year the world will end”, has been the call by Christians for 2000 years.

    It will be till Christianity dies out sometime in the future.

    Cling to your superstitions if it makes you happy, but sadly it distorts reality and you will never achieve your potential.

    1. I totally understand your skepticism, and I may very well be wrong. But the best way for me to determine that is to research evidence on topics I’m interested in – and sometimes there are topics I think are worth writing about.

    2. what part is “for you don’t know the day or the hour” is so difficult to understand…
      Christians can only attempt reading the signs. No sure things. Did not the end look nearer, back in the 40s?

    1. I believe your comment more than any others. Trump has so many of satan’s attributes. He is extremely deceptive and those he has chosen to surround him are like puppets trying to sell his deception to everyone. I pray that people are not deceived and will look more toward Jesus and rest in Him to protect us until His coming

      1. All politicians that make it to the presidency have major character flaws – good honest intelligent people have little reason for a career in politics. That being said, I still think Obama has many more obvious attributes of Satan than Trump. Hopefully I’m all wrong on timing and neither one has anything to do with end times prophecy.

    2. Obama is no the anti-Christ neither is President Trump. We all have a part in Gods Great plan and that plan is that we may be with Him in Paradise for eternity. The anti-Christ is not from this nation but the bible tells us that he will be of middle eastern descent. (Look it up) I believe we need to stop arguing with each other and instead hold each other up in pray. There is a Spiritual war going on and we are not fighting it yet but rather being used by satan to war and hurt each other. Don’t believe me? Try listening to the media news, and social media. We use to love more and now we seem to hate. Keep your eyes on the reason we are here and if you don’t know that reason start reading the bible. It is the True Word of God and it is the forever word of God.

  12. Satan used Obama to promote the Muslim agenda in the United States; Trump has promised to support Israel and the Christian faith. The best candidate for the Antichrist is Alexis Tspiros, the prime minister of Greece.

    1. I think there are other candidates besides Tspiros, as I never assumed the candidate must be European. He comes from the people of the prince (General Titus was Emperor Vespasian’s son) and his people were mostly Arab legions from Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey – descendants from the Eastern portion of the Roman Empire are the most likely candidates, and their descendants have spread out almost globally. So aside from Obama, Abu Bakr and Recep Erdogan seem like top contenders to me, especially when considering the Islamic Antichrist theory…

  13. Oh Please,you are so mixed up you don’t even know what are reading. When we read the verse in Thessalonians the Bible is taking about tge second coming of Jesus, that the Lord will sound with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first, is talking about when the dead in Christ will be resurrected at the sound of the voice of God because it will be so loud like a trumpet, it is not talking about a mn called Trump. And continuing with the verse it sais and those of us who are still alive will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord and will be with Him forever. This is clearly talking when Jesus will come and the earth will be destroyed, nobody will be left alive on this planet but Satan and his demonds to think on what he did for a 1000 years and all the wicked will be dead then at the end of the 1000 years the new Jerusalem will descend from heaven with all the redeemed and the wicked will be resurrected to be united with Satan to go and try to destroy the City of God but Hod will intervene and fire will fall from heaven to devour them to ashes and sin, satan and death will be no more. Please please pray and ask God for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom to understand what yoi read.

    Understand there is no 7 years of probation the probation time is now, and all are going to go through the tribulation.

    If you want to really want know this go to

    1. Yes,probation is currently going on and souls still may give their hearts and lives to Christ until probation closes – which in lieu of all that is going on in the world – one would think time must be very short. Hence: TODAY is the day of salvation. There is NO rapture (rapture NOTmentioned in the Bible). The “second coming” of Christ will occur 3 1/2 years into tribulation. All souls including all Christians will have to endure tribulation until the end or last- (7th) Trump, and then and only then according to scripture you’ve entered above – the dead in Christ will be resurrected at the sound of the voice of God because it will be so loud like a trumpet, it is not talking about a man called Trump. And continuing with the verse it says and those of us who are still alive will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord and will be with Him forever. This is clearly talking when Jesus will come and the earth will be destroyed.

  14. Donald Trump IS THE Antichrist. He is a psychopath atheist out only for himself and his family who has deceived the very elect. At his inevitable assassination from one of his own, by a fatal head wound, Satan will possess his dead body completely and the man of perdition will be revealed as millions of innocents disappear, “alien” “creators” “land” and declare him the latest incarnation of “the christ”, and billions of misled Laodicean christians who chose him as their messiah president are left behind, choosing the antichrist fake conservative christ of guns, nationalism, big business capitalist fascism, and bigotry, over the REAL Christ of love and sharing all. All this after Antichrist Trump had started a nuclear war that will wipe America off the face off the planet involving super tsunami taking out both coasts. America must be removed for Satan and Antichrist to achieve their final objective; the gathering of all Jews in Israel for Armageddon obliteration in a conflagration that will involve the entire planet. After he has gotten America destroyed Antichrist Trump will become leader of the rest of the world HQ’ed in Europe in partnership with Putin who will remain in control of the former Soviet bloc. China will be knocked back to the stone age in the nuclear war with America triggered by North Korea and will have to enter Armageddon on Mongolian horseback. More and more of this Trump-Putin partnership is being revealed every day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Putin is the false prophet who installed Antichirst Trump in the US Presidency. We are nearing mid-Tribulation when Satan will possess Trump’s dead body.

    Don’t take my word for it. Watch. And be very ready. And repent of choosing the American Multinational Corporate Antichrist over Christ.

    1. I don’t know if your assessment is right or wrong Leslie, but is lines up with what is going on in the entire world. You had the guts to call out the false religious, politically corrupt, racist and greed ridden capitalistic nation that true Disciples of Christ must intercede in prayer like never before in history. God’s throne is established on righteousness and justice. You can’t have one without the other. We need to repent and be about God’s Kingdom being established on earth. We don’t look to a man or woman but only to Jesus Christ! God desires that all be saved and we are to never withhold salvation from any one. The Church should have prayed for Obama and Clinton just like they hovered around Trump who all are in need of a salvation. God help us to get it together!

      1. Thank you Renee. I agree. The problem is, exactly as the Lord warned us, at least half if not more of christendom (“the foolish virgins” parable) believes in a false christ THEY call “Jesus” of guns, conservatism, bigotry, xenophobia, and nationalist fascism. Especially so in the US. The “deceived elect”. Hal Lindsey and most eschatologists believed the new endtime one-world religion would be overt illumnati satanism. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, it will be evangelical christianism which already has mixed with zionism (both corruptions of great religions into purely political movements of imperialism, wealth and power which started with Constantine) and soon will merge with militant eschtalogical Islamicism to create “God’s” “Kingdom” of “peace” on earth, which will be exactly the opposite. America is Babylon. Revelations 18 couldn’t be more clear or more obvious about it.

        All we can do at this point is watch and be ready. And warn those who might listen. The rest will be tried by fire, and they will remember what we, the missing, had said. Agape.

      2. Leslie you make some good points. Interesting but I’m not convinced Trump is the Antichrist himself. I definitely do believe his current role as leader of new babylon, and even the Trump name thing, have major significance in the end of days prophecies of the book of Revelations.

        I think the next MAJOR event regarding the great tribulation (which I think we can all agree that we are currently living in the climax of) is going to be either Russia’s use of the weapon of indignation (the EMP that plunges USA aka New Babylon, into darkness and essentially the fall of this country) OR the signs signaling the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets in the sky above Jerusalem on September 23, 2017 (Genesis)

        Not sure either of the two would have anything to do with each other by any means… But definitely I don’t think Trump is the Antichrist. Trump has a big role but not THAT big….

        1. I don’t assume Trump will prove to be the Antichrist either. I used to lean towards Barack Obama – at least having a major end times role – now Turkish dictator Erdogan has my attention, as he seized more power near the “right” point in my timeline

        2. I’ve been seeing more and more signs in his personality that he is growing more and more antichrist day by day. We’ll know when someone inevitably shoots him in the head, most likely one of his own since impeachment is messy and would be bad PR for the GOP. If he gets up, he’s been possessed by Satan completely and earth will be at Mid-trib. If he doesn’t I was wrong. Thanks for the comments, and keep watching and be ready.

  15. About a year ago, I wrote an article on my Reddit page on this subject, but going a bit deeper in DJT family lineage, history and the significance of the family names. Enjoy!

    Donald J. Trump Family Lineage and the Significance of Names
    Donald J. Trump Ancestry and Significance of Names
    This talk of bloodlines and lineage, got me thinking of Trump’s ancestry, it’s significance and why DJT was Chosen.
    He was Chosen from the beginning of Time.
    For many years, I was involved in researching my Genealogy. I started before the Internet and all the wondrous resources at our fingertips. I started when I had to write, call and visit libraries, courthouses and cemeteries for information. I was able to research back into the early 1600’s on one branch of my family.
    The work on Trump’s genealogy has already been done by others and publicly accessible.
    Let me just skip back to his grandparents, Frederick Trump and Elisabeth (Christ) Trump from Kallstadt, Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. A note of significance, “Frederick Trump was a second cousin of Henry J. Heinz, founder of H. J. Heinz Company, whose father also came from Kallstadt.”
    Trump: meaning Drum or Trumpet
    Trump is a surname of English and German origin:
    a German surname, from a word for “drum”; it is notable as the surname of the American entrepreneurial Trump family,[1] but has an older presence in the United States via the 18th-century Amish migration from the Palatinate to Pennsylvania.
    an English surname derived from Old French trompeor “trumpeter” or “maker of trumpets” (modern surnames Trump and Trumper), recorded from the 1270s.[2]
    From Dictionary: war drumnounplural noun: war drums
    a drum beaten as a summons or an accompaniment to battle.”the Nyoro war drums beat to action”
    “1 Corinthians 14:8-10 Worldwide English (New Testament) (WE)
    8 If the war drum gives a sound that has no meaning, then no one will get ready to fight.
    9 If you say words that people cannot understand, they will not know what you say. You talk for nothing!
    10 There are no doubt many different languages in the world. And every one of them has a meaning.”
    “We are going to look specifically at a “memorial of blowing of trumpets.” This is literally, “A remembrance of shouting.” This is kind of a strange phrase.
    The Hebrew scholars think that the word shouting is simply a shortened form of another phrase, “The shout of the shofar.” But, instead of putting the whole, “The remembrance of the shout of the shofar,” God just used, “the remembrance of shouting” and everybody knew that He meant the shout of the shofar.
    I think that it is a good translation. And in Psalm 81:3 where it talks about the blowing of the shofar on the new moon, we know that this is indeed a correct translation.
    Turn to Numbers 10 where it talks about the use of trumpets within the camp of Israel.
    Numbers 10:1-2 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Make two silver trumpets for yourself; you shall make them of hammered work; you shall use them for calling the congregation and for directing the movement of the camps.
    Numbers 10:9-10 When you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God, and you will be saved from your enemies. Also in the day of your gladness, in your appointed feasts, and at the beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; and they shall be a memorial for you before your God: I am the Lord your God.”
    Here we see a direct connection between the day of Trumpets—referring to “day of your gladness, in your appointed feasts”—and war. Notice in verse 9 the word remember shows up again. The memorial of blowing of trumpets means, “a remembrance of shouting.” And here God says that He will remember when the trumpet of war is sounded in the land when the enemy comes. Just keep that in the back of your mind.
    So, the sound of a trumpet, then, is a cry of alarm in the land when talking about war. It is a call to action, and a call to arms for the people of Israel.”
    “Psalm 81:14 I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries.
    So, we see that another meaning of the day of Trumpets is that God has promised to fight against our enemies—for us. He is a God who will make war for the saints—for His people.
    Turn to Exodus 15. If you have not read this recently this may give you a bit of a shock about what the Bible says about our God. This is Miriam’s song she sang once God had delivered them through the Red Sea.
    Exodus 15:1-3 Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord, and spoke, saying: “I will sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously! The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea! The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him. The Lord is a man of war; The Lord is His name.
    Did you know that it said that? Did you know that our God is a God of war? He is a God who makes war!”
    Elisabeth Christ
    When they emigrated to America, Elisabeth’s first name was changed to Elizabeth. She had a work ethic that we see that must have been a major influence on Donald J Trump, becoming a real estate entrepreneur. She worked well into her 70’s, collecting change from laundromats in buildings owned by the family.
    We’ll follow her lineage, especially from her very significant maiden name, Christ.
    “Christ Name Meaning. German: from the Latin personal name Christus ‘Christ’ (see Christian). The name Christ (Latin Christus) is from Greek Khristos, a derivative of khriein ‘to anoint’, a calque of Hebrew mashiach ‘Messiah’, which likewise means literally ‘the anointed’. English: variant of Crist.”
    The Anointed
    From Dictionary:
    a·noint/əˈnoint/verbpast tense: anointed; past participle: anointed
    smear or rub with oil, typically as part of a religious ceremony.”high priests were anointed with oil”*synonyms:*smear with oil, rub with oil, apply oil to, spread oil over; archaicanele”during the public baptism, the head of the infant was anointed”
    smear or rub something with (any other substance).”Cuna Indians anoint the tips of their arrows with poison”
    ceremonially confer divine or holy office upon (a priest or monarch) by smearing or rubbing with oil.”Samuel anointed him king”
    “Early Origins of the Christ family
    The surname Christ was first found in Austria, where the family contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation which would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area. In later years the name branched into many houses, each playing a significant role in the local social and political affairs.”
    “The New Testament Greek words for “anoint” are chrio, which means “to smear or rub with oil” and, by implication, “to consecrate for office or religious service”; and aleipho, which means “to anoint.” In Bible times, people were anointed with oil to signify God’s blessing or call on that person’s life (Exodus 29:7; Exodus 40:9; 2 Kings 9:6; Ecclesiastes 9:8; James 5:14). A person was anointed for a special purpose—to be a king, to be a prophet, to be a builder, etc. There is nothing wrong with anointing a person with oil today. We just have to make sure that the purpose of anointing is in agreement with Scripture. Anointing should not be viewed as a “magic potion.” The oil itself does not have any power. It is only God who can anoint a person for a specific purpose. If we use oil, it is only a symbol of what God is doing. Another meaning for the word anointed is “chosen one.” ”
    From what I found, at least one researched traced DJT’s maternal grandmothers Christ family history back to the 1600’s. But it is fascinating where the line originated. I lost the weblink, but when I find it, I’ll add it to the comments below.
    I haven’t delved too much into the Trump line, out of time constraints today, but will get back into this.
    I’m certain others have written about these family surnames and their significance, but to me, this is a revelation among the many revelations introduced by Q, SB2, the autists and others.
    Thank you to all for your hard work, my prayers go out for you and your hard work. God Bless our POTUS and his family, and all of our Patriots.

    1. Nicely done! I posted on Facebook (before leaving that den of religious iniquity) that I believe TRUMP will be the last LAST President of a truly free America, to wit, the LAST TRUMP. But there is a deeper spiritual meaning to all of this. The sound of the shofar/trumpet means prepare for battle; referring to the spiritual battle that should be taking place within us. On the 3rd day, when the children of Israel (chosen to represent us the people) heard the sound of the shofar/trumpet, they were to ascend the mount. We entered the 3rd day with the new millennium; the beginning of the 3rd thousandth year (2 Peter 3:8) since Jesus came with the spiritual knowledge that religion has destroyed with its carnal/literal interpretations. What does the mount symbolize? What does it mean to ascend the mount, spiritually? What kept the children of Israel from ascending the mount? It’s the spiritual anointing that mankind is lacking, which is why the world is in the condition it is in. All that took place physically in the previous “era of Isaac” is now, in this 3rd and final “era of Jacob” to take place spiritually. Any physical demonstrations of these things (baptism, anointing, etc.) are associated with the negative meaning of Isaac, which is mockery!!!

  16. Donald trump is not the antichrist, but he could become an antichrist as that would not be impossible either, but many Christians are believing that Jesus is coming soon, that is totally false he is not coming soon. but as pertaining to the future, there is going to be a third world war as the Lord showed to me and told to me in person via a vision in 1977 and 1979 but God could hold it back for a few more years, but personally I do not think that he will, you need only look up the visions and prophecies of Gerald Derstine, George Washington, and General George McClellan, as well as many others in recent decades to know what I am talking about and do not be deceived, for instance the following is how the real world war three will occur as the Lord told me. there is coming a one world government and trump will be the one world president, but it will last only a very bereft time, then China breaks off and goes to war with nations in the Pacific and Asia and attacks them with Nukes and then America goes to war with china thinking that it is only China, but most of the nations in that day really hate America, and will be in league with both China and Russia who will as it were nuke America through the back door while America is fighting China in Asia and the pacific, you will ask when will this happen, although God could postpone this I do not think he will postpone it. this war will happen as God told me in the early 2020’s but great revival will happen just before it as well as all of the Jewish people will leave Russia as well and return to Israel and settle in the land of Lebanon which Israel will get back as a result of the Assyrian/Israeli war after it will nuke Damascus, confer Isaiah chapter 17 verse 1 in the bible.

    1. Hi Michael, Christians (sadly) lack understanding when it comes to the true meaning of “antichrist.” Jesus (via John) said that there were many antichrists at that time. If it were meant to be taken literally it would read antiChrist, not antichrist. It was never about being against (anti) the one called the Christ, but about being against (anti) the anointing, which we are ALL guilty of. I agree. Jesus is not coming soon, at least not in the literal sense. As for a third world war? I say a third physical war is inevitable if man does not engage in the spiritual war that should be taking place (within) in this third (and final) era (” the era of Jacob”). I would be interested in hearing about your 1977 and 1979 visions. Feel free to contact me through the email address on my profile. Yes, one world government and one world religion. I first learned of this back in 1975, which came by revelation in 1960. I believe TRUMP is the LAST president of a truly free America. Hopefully there will be 4 more years for man to do the spiritual works of overcoming his spiritual bondage, which will ensure his physical freedom. Socialism will be the outward expression of man’s internal condition. Socialism = bondage. China, Russia, Israel, Assyria, and Damascus all hold important symbolic/spiritual meaning. In order to rightly read the signs we must understand God’s symbolic/spiritual language. David fought the lion and the bear. What country has the lion for its symbol? What country has the bear for its symbol? Our great nation fought against the lion upon its birth. Should we not now be fighting against (the government of) the bear? Those that are spiritually-minded understand that we (those seeking freedom, which America stands for) must fight the lion and the bear from within to maintain freedom without.

  17. This is what happens when Christians ignore the scriptures and try to politically legislate morality for God. They are overcome by the bad players in scripture that share their sentiments in public, but in secret laugh at their gullibility. Anyone who quotes Islamic prophecies as proof someone is the antichrist of the scriptures is already deceived. Thus saithe the Lord…Revelations 13:5 “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking GREAT things and Blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue for forth and two months.” That would be July 2020 for Trump…When it happens remember!

  18. The word is NOT “Antichrist” (A, upper case). The word is “antichrist” (a, lower case), which reveals that it is NOT a person, but the state or condition of the person. We are ALL antichrist UNTIL we stop being antichrist, which is to stop being against what “christ” is spiritually, which is NOT a person, but a power. This is why Jesus said. “…if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it.” Why? Because CHRIST is NOT a person. Neither is ANTICHRIST. All of this religious iniquity, which like a virus, has spread throughout Christendom.

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